Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Training -- NYE/NYD 2013-2014

The last half hour of 2013 was spent doing what my unfit friends called "hiking" (I call it walking along the road) to get to a spot where we could see the New Year's fireworks. 12:15-12:45am was spent doing another "hike" to return home.

I'm doing an outdoor group training session this Saturday (not my normal repertoire), and decided this morning that I should really head on over to the park it'll be at and get a feel for the place, establishing a general idea of what I'll do on the day. This basically meant a 10min warm up, 20min of sprint training, 5min of stretching (all stretches used to prep participants to learn how to squat), and 2 rounds of a circuit of squats, push ups, child's pose, bird dog and bridges. That worked out to be 45min. On the day I'll do a 3rd round of the circuit, and maybe some extra ab work. Then close with another 5-10min of stretching. I would have done the full hour, but I didn't have a PT there to motivate me...or whatever.

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