Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Training -- Wed 15/01/2014

Paused Front Squats


Paused Back Squats


Goodmorning/Calf Raise

3x10x45kg/16x300lb -- Getting more comfortable with the GM's. Over the last few weeks I've been experimenting with the type of bar used, where I set my hands on the bar, where I set the bar on my back (high or low bar position) and breathing. I think I've finally settled with Texas bar, low-bar squat setup, and breathing throughout the movement. The low bar position seems to be giving me much clearer proprioceptive feedback, which in turn is giving me better awareness about whether I'm keeping my chest up or not as I move, which in turn is allowing me to move at greater than snail pace. I liketh.

Glute Bridge/Calf Raise

3x10x45kg/12x300lb -- I've also been experimenting with foot position on glute bridges. I've always done them with my feet about hip-to-shoulder width apart, but am finding that the wider I set my feet (and thus the more I amplify the stripperness of this exercise), the easier it is for me to get a consistent glute contraction.

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