Thursday, April 17, 2014

Training -- 17/04/2014

The 4th most stupid day of my life.


5xBW cossack
3x10x80kg -- First set surprised me with how easy it was. Done in just 3 breaths. Rest between sets was brief. Second set felt a tiny bit harder. Not sure if that was fatigue talking or just the surprise of ease in the first set causing my expectations to be off for second set. 3rd set was somewhere between the two. In about 16 hours I'll be doing a squat nemesis workout. That'll be fun.

Technically, I went for a light jog before this, but that was about an hour earlier. Took two clients out into the field next to the studio to get them on their feet and moving for 10min straight, even if that meant going at a walk:run pace. This became immediate evidence to me that strength training is beneficial for running, because they were red in the face and struggling with what I felt was a light warm up -- and as all 1.5 of my readers know, I don't run. I wouldn't normally take clients out to do any running, but these two are prepping for the army, so they need to be able to pass the beep test, so they need to run.

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