Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Training -- 16/04/2014

Day 3 of Stupid

Hours after yesterday's workout, I decided to do something else, which was to attempt a proper gymnastics bridge. My left biceps femoris freaked out when that happened, so I spent the rest of the day being careful not to put any pressure on it, and stretching it. I also stretched it a lot this morning. Today I resolved to do a set of bodyweight squats, and see how I go from there. Any warning signs that my hamstrings aren't happy with me, and I'd immediately stop. Turns out my body's more resilient than a little spasm yesterday would have me believe, because with a careful warm up I ended up going heavier than Monday.

Squats/CGBP/Pull Ups

10xBW + 5 cossack squats/10x20kg/10xBW
10x20kg/10x30kg/10xBW -- I misloaded the CGBP's, intending to do 40kg



Incline Bench Press/Cable Row


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