Thursday, July 24, 2014

Training -- Wed 23/07/2014

First day back in the gym after camp. I bailed out of the PL comp, because I wasn't feeling up to it and priorities left it in the backburner.

OHP/Pull Ups


Push Press/Pull Ups


Cable Crossover

3x10x14kg -- And this is what it means to be hardcore. Though I haven't done this exercise in years, I actually like it as a chest isolation exercise, because compared to bench press it adds like 30-45 degrees onto top-end ROM, allowing a fairly intense contraction in a position that's missed by literally every other chest exercise I can think of. I could feel my pecs going nuts at that moment of peak contraction in each rep.

Kettlebell Swing


Overhead Squat

3x10xBW -- Just holding a broomstick overhead.

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