Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Training -- Wed 04/06/2014

As one of my gyms has moved over the weekend, I'm looking into leaving that gym in favour of the gym at my university. That being the case, I took advantage of a free day pass today to try it out.


20x90kg -- 20-rep squats when you're fatigued from being stupid and not resting between sessions are pretty darn hard. This felt much more like a true widowmaker than anything I've done in the last month. Lots of rests for breathing throughout. Barbell's not the best quality, but that's no surprise. I don't expect to be using high quality barbells in a clean, commercial gym. Since I've been doing these high bar, and the last time I got 90kg for 20 reps was low bar, this is technically a rep PB.


5x5105kg -- If I stick around, I'll be needing to bring chalk for these. Fortunately, the gym does allow chalk. I decided to be a really good boy and check that everything I did regarding deadlifts was in accordance with gym rules. Fortunately, they're pretty lenient with their rules. I did have to keep my shoes on, but that's okay. Deadlifting in shoes has improved my technique when taking them back off again in the past, and it's only really something that gets in the way at heavy weights.

Whilst deadlifting, I saw a girl setting up and doing deadlifts behind me with 35kg. She could have moved her feet in and started with her hips higher, but otherwise her form was exquisite, so I gave her credit where credit is due. She took kindly to that.

Somewhere in here, I also got talking to a guy who got me to spot him on the bench press. He was repping out 100kg. More credit given where credit is due.

Leg Press

10x100kg -- This brings back memories.

Bench Press/Pull things

10x20kg/10xBW PU
5x40kg/6xBW LPU
10x60kg/10xBW PU
10x60kg/8x52kg lat pull down
8x60kg/10x43kg lat pull down

OHP/Cable Row

9x20kg/15x34kg -- Somewhere around this point I also complimented a girl on her 60-80kg glute bridges. She seemed very happy to hear that she's strong on that exercise.

Social lesson of the day: People like hearing that they're doing things really well. And it feels good when the positive feedback you give is appreciated.

Things I've missed about commercial gyms, which I never really appreciated back before entering the world of dungeon gyms:

- Hot girls.
- Clean toilets.
- Multiple toilets.
- Hot girls.
- Machines, including cardio machines.
- Classes (I'm thinking of doing a yoga/Pilates class to force myself to stretch).
- Hot girls on machines and in classes.

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