Saturday, May 25, 2013

Training -- Sat 25/05/2013


3x5x122.5kg -- 3rd set, my belt popped off and fell to the floor on the third rep. Reracked, rebelted, finished.
10x107.5kg -- After this, I was pretty wiped out and didn't care anymore.


3x5x107.5kg -- I'm very confident I could have done more if my energy levels and care factor were still there.


Since I didn't care enough to do any more of the work I was supposed to do, I decided to play around with something I haven't done in about 6 months. I did a bunch of hang snatches, a few full snatch and a few snatch high pulls in the 20-30kg range. I noticed that I can still hang snatch somewhat decently, but once the bar goes below my knees something is off that messes up the rest of the movement. If I ever decide to do some longterm work on the oly lifts again, rather than a random haphazard session just for the fun of it, I've got a good idea of where my technique will need some work.

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