Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Training -- Wed 13/02/2013

Front Squat

10x20kg back squat -- Somehow I forgot which kind of squat I was meant to be doing today.

I got me some videos. This is the first time I've seen myself
lifting in my TK's and UGE lever belt.



GHR/Trap Bar Shrugs

2xGreen/15x66.5kg -- The GHR's were going fine until Nick saw me doing them and told me to slow them way down.

Calf Raise/Leg Raise Pullover


  1. You do your front squats properly, olympic lifter style. I tend to balance the bar on my shoulders with hands crossed in front of my neck sometimes hoding the bar, other times not.
    Yours is more useful when doing olympic lifting, mine is more challenge to balance and control. Pure personal preference.
    My squat session on Sunday I forgot to change weights from back to front, so I suppose my first set was stictly 0 reps as it went nowhere.
    Very easy to leave brains behind when psyching.

  2. My fingers like to slip out from under the bar doing it this way. I suspect it might actually be easier for me to get more reps with the same weight if I used the crossover technique, although it's all speculation unless I actually try it the other way. I think the method I currently use is a double-edged sword -- getting your hands out a bit wider on the bar than you would crossing them over the opposing shoulder gives a wider base of support, but it seems to be (for lack of a better word) a more fragile set-up, so it also adds a new potential weak link. I'm finding that technique is much more limiting than brute strength, and so I didn't really feel like I'd given myself much of a workout at a muscular level from my front squats today, but at the same time, I think if I'd gone for another rep I probably would have failed.

    I've found that front squats actually make a pretty good warm up for back squats (at least high bar back squats), and some time last year I was ramping up to working weights with front squats, then moving straight onto back squats at working weights. I surprised myself by how little it interfered with my back squat weight. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure that getting in some good work sets on my back squats would cripple my front squats if I were to try them immediately after. Stepping up without thinking to front squat the same weight you've just back squatted? I can see why you'd get 0 reps in that set.

  3. Weirdest thing I have done front squat wise. Bar on shoulder, arms out stretched in front of me, standing on the bosu. Think I got up to 60kg but getting into position was interesting. I was in a commercial gym so the spectators were interesting too.
    Surprisingly I found this was not too bad, feet legs did all of the compensating but my hips upward was solid. Some serious compensating had to be done though and it hit areas of my legs especially lower legs that would otherwise have had an easier time.

    I have volunteered you as personal security for your (writer) brother's nights out. Told him you would be thrilled.

    1. I've done front squats with my arms outstretched in front of me (solely because I was taught that if you're doing front squats properly, you should be able to take your hands off the bar, put them out in front and not have the bar roll off); I've done squats on both sides of a bosu; I haven't done the two together.

      You're a jerk :P Not sure if you made a lucky guess about me having a writer brother, or if you're a super-effective stalker. Either way, well played, sir.

  4. Definately your brother I followed the link of fellow poster on the conductor thread and he had 2 blogs listed.
    Being a writing fan myself I found it interesting.
    His site required my email address so if you ever need to contact me outside of forums you can use that.
    I think he considers you as sad as I am. I'm not sure I would take that.
    Seriously looks like you have a good family.

    I agree on the front squats. They should be done perfectly balanced.


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