Saturday, February 23, 2013

Training -- Sat 23/02/2013


5x5x115kg -- Every set was a grinder, but every set was also successful. Felt a lot like how I remember 5 rep sets being: get to third rep, reach a concentric speed that suggests you won't get any more reps, do 2 more reps anyway with the 5th rep being very slow around the sticking point then popping up past it. Despite each set being a grinder, it still didn't feel like that big of a deal, which I'd like the thank all my recent sets of 10 (and a very recent set of 12) for. The last time I did sets of 5 at 115kg, it was 3 sets back in 2011. When I went for 117.5kg the next training day, I knew I was only going to get the 1 set. So to get 5x5 at this weight is a volume PB, and being confident that I'll get 5x5 with more weight next week is something I'm quite pleased with.

Speed Pull

3x5x77.5kg -- Between sets I was coaching rack pulls. Turns out they're a lot easier to coach than deadlifts for someone who struggles to keep their chest up and their lumbar spine neutral. I knew I had some good ideas floating around up top.

Bulgarian Split Squat


Glute Ham Raise

5x5xBlue -- Made a few adjustments. This felt much better for my hamstrings than what I've been experiencing thus far. I was tempted to just keep on going and going and going, but I considered that I would like to be able to walk again by the time I do front squats and deadlifts on Wednesday.

Calf Raise/Decline Sit Ups



  1. Good stuff.
    Really good to see you are getting into condition well for the competition.
    Hopefully study doesn't intrude too much. Could always threaten your lecturures, show them how discipline is instilled in your classroom. Of course that could get you the cane but may be worth it.

    1. So far, the lecturers all seem to be far too "liberal" to use the cane (I feel the need to put "liberal" in quotation marks, because if someone isn't willing to take up the liberty of lashing someone with a cane, are they *really* acting liberally?). Still, enticing them towards using a cane could be entertaining (and a grade-limiting endeavour).

    2. Had the cane when I was younger. The singular least effective disciplinary tool I have ever encountered. We used to try getting it to gain bragging rights at break time. I suppose that's why I use it in jest, because it is a joke as far as disipline goes.
      Only got to worry if the lecturers are wanting to use the cane and dress up too.
      I know work keeps getting in the way of my training and that really sucks, don't fancy the cane from my boss either.


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