Saturday, February 16, 2013

Training -- Sat 16/02/2013


12x110kg -- Seems psyching myself up for this over the last three days worked. This week and last week are both officially 3x8. Last week I made the deal with myself that if I got 2x10x107.5kg, I wouldn't have to do a third set. Seemed to work. This week I really wanted to set myself up well for my 5's starting next week, and what better way to do that with an awesome rep PB 10 weeks away from competition. So I decided I'd go for 10+. I hadn't set out any specific rules for myself, but I think if I'd stopped at 10, I would have been doing a second set. I knew I wanted to get 11-12 reps for 1 set, so that was my goal, and that's what I did.

Speed Pull


Tyre Flip


Bulgarian Split Squat


Calf Raise

2x15x300lb -- That's a bit unimpressive. Oh well.


  1. Based on the video there is one thing you may be able to do that will increase your weight.
    At the bottom of every rep you are dipping your shoulders forward meaning you have to waste effort bringing yourself back into line at the start.
    If you arch your back and keep your shoulders in line you will avoid this and add a bit of weight to the bar.
    This of course from Mr. Half squat.

    1. If that is what's happening, then that would be something to fix up. I couldn't see my shoulders coming forward during the video, but I did see a discrepency in where the plates aligned with the rack...would that be what you're seeing? I suspect it might be more a matter of keeping the weight on my heels. In any case, keeping my back arched and my shoulders back is a permanently good cue.

    2. I am hyper-critical always have been. The movement forward at the bottom is very minor but I was sure it was there.
      You know your techniques anyway so this is not news for you. I am lucky in that I have a wife who can pull everything i do to pieces and a son who has learned form her. So rewarding to put a bar back when absolutely shattered then have a young child tell you in minute detail everything you did wrong.


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