Friday, February 22, 2013

Training -- Fri 22/02/2013

Incline Bench Press




Pull Ups


Fat Gripz Rows


Dips/Barbell Curls


As of next week, I'll be training Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat, on account of uni taking up all my time on Mon. I spoke to Nick about this today, and asked for his opinions regarding which days I should do each lift on. I've been concerned about pull ups and rows interfering with deadlifts the following day, so I've been considering changing the days to DL/BP/SQ/IBP, as oppose to the current schedule of BP/DL/IBP/SQ. Nick feels that deadlifts the day before would cause more hassles for bench the day after, than pull ups and rows the day before would cause hassles for deadlift the day after, so he recommends that I keep to the same schedule, just moving BP to Tue. I'll let him be the coach, and go with his recommendation, and see how things play out.

I'm also experimenting with a water cut right now. This shouldn't have much (if any) impact on actual body composition, but it will let me know how my body responds to it. Much better that I trial this now and have things go badly next week than that I use competition as my first trial of this and have a bad meet because of it. I'd rather weigh in heavier and perform well than to weigh in lighter and perform poorly, which is one major thing to consider when doing a water cut. Another factor to consider is that I may not lose as much water weight as predicted, and consequently it may be a lot of trouble for not a lot of reward.


  1. Good coach you have there. Power bench uses a lot of back and legs so he is spot on. Bench will not have that big an impact on deadlifts even with your rows.
    Playing with water is fun, I am jammy and can drop 3 or 4 pounds without too much issue. Put it back in a day or so but means I tipped the scales light middleweight for boxing which was just south of 11" 10 even though training weight is nearly 12 stone, 4 pounds more.

    1. I think on competition day I get something like 1.5 hours between weigh-in and my first lift, so a big thing will be testing my ability to effectively rehydrate in that time period. They say skulling a gallon of water isn't the best way to go about it, oddly enough.

      I've lost track of just how much fluid I've consumed today, but I calculated that it was about 5,500mL before dinner 4 hours ago. This has been surprisingly easy -- even though my stomach isn't entirely keen on all the water and I'm peeing a lot (no surprise there), my mouth has actually been surprisingly okay with this. By contrast, when I was doing intermittent fasting, up until my first meal of the day I couldn't drink much -- I'd have water there to try and calm the hunger pains, but my body would be very unwilling to take it in. Anyway, the goal is to drink about 2 gallons today and tomorrow (with some extra salt in my diet), then drink nothing on Sunday, weigh in on Monday morning and rehydrate before I make it to my first uni lecture of the year at 11am.

  2. Water fudging is all about timing. I used to use isotonic water, litre with a pinch of salt and 3 of glucose, in large volumes for a week before, two days before would dump mass of protein in, day before, keep up the protein and cut the water to wet mouth.
    After weigh in I would go back and continually sip water. for boxing match this gave me less than 1/2 hour, lifting anything up to 2. For boxing i wouldnt drink as much as would be repeatedly punched in the stomach for 9 minutes, lifting I got almost 2 litres in with no issue.


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