Thursday, January 31, 2013

Training -- Wed 31/01/2013

Front Squats



3x10x105kg -- Not the most fun I've ever had.

GHR/Trap Bar Shrug


Calf Raise/Leg Raise/Band Pull Apart


In the afternoon, a couple hours after training, I brought one of my friends to the gym to teach him barbell squats, deadlifts, bench press, and cable rows. He just used the empty barbell for squats and bench press, 25kg (the bar plus the lightest 45cm plates in the gym) for deadlifts, and what I assume is 20kg (2 plates) on the cable row. Squats, bench press and rows were all fairly good, especially for the first time doing them. First set of deadlifts started out looking pretty good, but form degenerated towards the end of the set and remained that way in the next set. Too much bending over, not enough hinging.


  1. 'Too much bending over, not enough hinging.'
    If your friend is a bit homophobic it could be a simple matter of getting someone to stand behind him with an effeminate smile to stopping him doing this.
    I remember one of my old colleagues who used to rave about wanting to meet up with a big chested blond, never once did he stipulate gender so I brought one along from the gym. My gym pal camped it up so well my colleague went pale at the man who would clearly have been able to do anything he liked to him if he chose to. True irony, my gym friend was as worried at the other guy playing along as my colleague was of him.

    1. I do enjoy your sense of humour. I've recently taken to giving such wholesome advice with regards to squatting and deadlifting that though you probably don't want someone to surprise you with a bit of sodomy in the middle of your set, you should set up as if that's exactly what you want to happen.

  2. I normally use the worker on the toilet description, squatting down opening a newspaper.
    I'm not sure which I like more now, yours is so much more creative.


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