Saturday, January 26, 2013

Training -- Sat 26/01/2013


5x102.5 -- That's a strange way to spell "3x10." I think one of my major errors here was a lack of solid breakfast before training. I had a liquid breakfast, and when I got under the bar the belt felt looser than usual. On that note, I also probably should have taken to it with a screwdriver and tightened it up. I suspect that my liquid breakfast meant not a lot of space being filled up in my abdomen, which would thus lead to the belt feeling looser and not a lot of intra-abdominal pressure because of it. At least, that sounds like a logical enough explanation as to why my squats were none too brilliant today.

Speed Pull


DB Lunges

2x10x15kg -- For a few weeks now I'd been contemplating having Bulgarian split squats somewhere in my program. I hate them far less than I hate lunges, at least based on what I can recall. It occurred to me today that I know a very sensible place where I can put them. It was raining today, so I opted not to go outside and do tyre flips.

Calf Raise/Leg Raise/Side Bridge


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