Monday, January 14, 2013

Training -- Mon 14/01/2013

Bench Press

3x10x55kg -- First set was the hardest. No wonder, I wasn't driving with my legs during it. I remembered leg drive on my second and third set, and then magic happened.


3x10x37.5kg -- This went better than last week. Still slaughtered my triceps, as one would expect. Still resulted in me feeling very emasculated when I did overhead triceps extensions later.

Pull Ups


Fat Gripz Rows


DB Curls

2x30x5kg -- First set was my usual standing DB curls, rotating from hammer grip to supine throughout the movement. Second set, at Coach's recommendation, was 10 incline curls, 10 standing hammer curls and 10 standing supine curls without rest between. Fun little tri-set, and it definitely pumped up my arms.

Incline curls. These are good for getting a greater stretch on your biceps.
I've heard stretching and contracting is good.
Hammer curls. I don't smile much while I'm curling, although I might grimmace.
I was probably using about as much weight as this model is using. Sadface.
Regular supine curls. Supination is one of the big things that the biceps do,
so these (and straight bar curls) are good for getting a solid contraction at the top.

Standing Tri-Ext

5x5kg -- Devastating

Band Pull Apart


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