Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Training -- Wed 19/12/2012

Yesterday and today I've been helping out my church with a three-day youth project called School's Out, which consists primarily of fun, games, and all the food I shouldn't be eating since it doesn't fit my macros or calories. Today featured a tournament of activities including Gladiator using blow-up weapons on a blow-up stadium. I let the kids know it was serious business by stepping up to the platform geared up with PUNCHfit wrist wraps, my TK knee sleeves and my UGE lever belt. I also got beaten very quickly by one of the other team leaders. This afternoon we entered a pool by means of flying fox. There were 0.02 casualties. After it all, I made my way to the gym.



Press/Cable Row

3x10x25kg/3x15x30kg with Fat Gripz (rows only)

Fat Gripz pretty much double the effective width of the bar where you hold it.
Supposedly this is good for grip strength.


3x5x60kg -- I'm finding it fascinating that conventional deadlifts with heavy weights don't make my shins bleed, and these light, fast deadlifts didn't either, but lately RDLs do.

Assistance Work

DB Curls/Standing Triceps Extension/Calf Raise (circuit)

Lying Shoulder Extension
3 sets

My shoulders and upper arms felt good throughout the session, which is a pleasant change of late. Hopefully they'll still feel that way when I bench again on Friday.

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