Saturday, December 15, 2012

Smolov Jr, Day 8 -- Sat 15/12/2012

Back in 2004, the Australian Government launched a televised campaign with the following slogan:

Today, in 2012, I'm discovering the need for a new campaign, targeted at idiots in the gym by the name of Ryan who do bad things to themselves:

So I've indentified the cause of my issues over the last couple sessions. The dull ache that I felt in my arms was radiating down there from my shoulders. I wasn't sure on what I was feeling on Wednesday and Friday, but what I'm feeling today is a pain I've been all too familiar with in the past. The good news is I know how to remedy this: overhead presses, rotator cuff work, some funky posterior capsule stretching, and a good old fashioned deload. That, and generally sensible, balanced programming. The bad news is this means I won't be continuing through to the third week of the program. Oh well.


3x112.5kg -- Form was ugly and my shoulders were not feeling promising. Decided not to take the heavy lifting any further, but not to call it a day, either. So I decided to strip some weight off the bar and do some light sets of 10.
20x60kg -- Then I realised that 60kg was too light for 10's, so I decided to see what I could do. I had the strength to go on after 20 reps, but my feet were getting sore after about the 18th rep, so I decided to complete a widowmaker and then put the plates away.

Assistance Work

Cable Row/Press/Band Pull Apart
2x20x20kg/10x20kg/10 -- Performed in a circuit with the 2x10x60kg squats.

Farmer's Walk

Hyperextension/Calf Raise/Decline Sit Up/Side Bridge (circuit)

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