Saturday, March 1, 2014

Training -- Sat 01/03/2014

Thursday and Friday the 13-14th of February were spent in a business conference. Highly romantic. I came home with some added savvy and a free bonus cold. I started exercising again at the start of this week, but have been very busy, and the workouts have been very lackluster, so I couldn't be bothered recording them. Today was slightly less lackluster.

High Bar Squat

10xBW -- Drop set from final loaded set.

Incline Bench Press/Pull Ups/Nordic Leg Curl


DB Shoulder Press/Upright Row/Calf Raise


Kettlebell Swing

2x10x12kg -- 1 set each of single arm swings. That was fugly and I couldn't see any way in which ongoing practice is going to get me into a groove for it.

Then I started coughing like crazy, which was a good sign that I should stop about 10-20min ago.

All up, this workout was about an hour. I like that. I've had too many long sessions over the last year, and right now I just don't have it in me. But apparently I have circuits in me, so that's what I'll do for the time being. How long will this last? Who knows! I have exactly zero personal fitness goals right now other than to show up and enjoy myself, so I have the pleasure of being able to change the way I train at the drop of a hat and not be going off the mark. But I think I'll stick with this full body circuit training for a while. Or not. We'll see.

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