Thursday, February 13, 2014

Training -- Wed 12/02/2014

Snatch Balance

10xBW Squat

Front Squat

7x62.5kg -- Stupid hands not wanting to stay in place.

Back Squat


Hang High Pull


SLDL/Calf Raise


Nordic Leg Curl/Calf Raise

2x4xBW/11x360lb -- I've decided to start calling glute ham raises by their other name: Nordic leg curl. This will take some while for me to get used to. My reasoning for doing this is that I'm outright sick of women telling me about how they do GHR's for their glutes, when if you're doing the exercise correctly, your glutes should be about as involved as your biceps should be when deadlifting. But it has "glute" in the name, so everyone seems to think it's a glute exercise. Makes me wonder what their body awareness is like...

Glute Bridge/Calf Raise

2x8x40kg/11x360lb -- The "glute" in glute bridge is not misleading.

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