Monday, March 17, 2014

Training -- 17/03/2014


3x10x97.5kg -- If you're really observant, you'll notice that I went up in weight by 12.5kg from last week. I intended to only go up by 2.5kg, and not realising I'd fudged things, I proceeded to do the first set thinking: "Wow, this feels much heavier than I expected!" When I realised why it felt so heavy, I decided to follow with the trend.

This also lead me to the conclusion that I'm ready to do some more focused lifting again, so instead of going on to upper body work and making this a circuit, I decided on the spot that it was time to revert back to an upper/lower split.

Step Ups/Calf Raise

10x30kg/13x360lb -- I'm highlighting this set instead of the heavier 40kg set because at 40kg my technique left much to be desired. 30kg was a much better working set.

NLC/Calf Raise

2x6x1.25kg/8x380lb -- My first ever weighted Nordic leg curls. Granted, I used the lightest weight available, but it wasn't too long ago that doing these without assistance was a huge achievement for me. Despite it being only 1.25kg, it is a PB.

1-arm Swing

3x12x12kg -- This felt much better than the last time I tried doing 1-arm swings. In general, the swings with my left arm seemed smoother than the swings with my right arm.

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