Monday, February 10, 2014

Training -- Mon 10/02/2014


In response to a challenge online, I decided to put my bodyweight on the bar and rep it out.
Before starting, I feared that muscular or cardiovascular fatigue would make this dangerous.
Around about the 25th rep, my fear changed. I started fearing that if I gave this a real effort, I'd die of boredom instead. So I called it quits at 30.

After that long set, I did 2x10x90kg without the belt.



Snatch Balance

2x5x20kg. I filmed the first set. Not extending at the hips enough before jumping down. Needs more patience.

Snatch High Pull

Did a better job at keeping my knees out on the way up. Still shrugging and unlocking prematurely, by the looks of things.

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