Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Training -- Wed 18/12/2013

Paused Front Squats

2x3x70kg -- Between sets, a guy was telling me all about his "scientific" program. He's preparing for a bodybuilding show in a few months, and boasted that he can lift more than bodybuilders who are much bigger than him, which I think was supposed to be proof that his program's working. For him. A guy who'll be competing. In bodybuilding. I dropped him a hint about goal specificity and individuality, then went back and did my last set.




3x8x30kg -- I should film these for a form check, because they felt awkward as anything.

Glute Bridge/Calf Raise

10x25kg/10x340lb -- People looked at me funny and asked questions. I explained that I'm training to be a porn star.

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