Thursday, September 26, 2013

Training -- Thur 26/09/2013

High Bar Squat

3x10x90kg -- Well, I think it was 3x10. I recorded it (will upload later), and have a sneaking suspicion that the first 2 sets might have been for 11 reps, because I can't count.


3x10x125kg -- PB. This is 15kg higher than my best 3x10 at the start of the year, which, in theory, suggests that my 1RM should be 15-20kg higher by the time I compete. Of course, only time will tell. Again, recorded these, and may discover that the reps are off (in this case, I suspect I may have only done 9 reps on the third set).

Calf Raise

10x300lb -- All the volume in the world.

Time was not on my side, so I didn't do any SGDLs or split squats. Oh well, still got an even workout in, and I'd dare say the session went well. This is generally the case when you get PBs without getting yourself into a rage or sniffing norse torque to get there.

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