Friday, September 6, 2013

Training -- Thur 05/09/2013

High Bar Squats

3x10x85kg -- It's funny the difference between the body and the eye, although I'm not sure how much of that is actually a disconnect, and how much is just training the eyes to spot errors. I was told that my technique looked good. Here's how it felt:
  • Inconsistent depth
  • Inconsistent loading over the feet
  • Inconsistent loading from side to side, frequently feeling like only one side is doing the work, then overcorrecting to feel like the other side is doing all the work
  • Torso collapsing forwards or hips rising too fast for the torso on the way up
  • One side coming up faster than the other
  • Rotating throughout the movement
  • Chest not up nearly enough
Pause Squats

3x5x85kg -- First set felt really tight in the right lat and loose in the left. I may have positioned the bar or my hands wrong. Later sets felt better.


3x10x110kg -- First set started with DOH grip. About halfway through I switched to hook grip. Towards the end I switched to mixed grip. Second set was all left over/right under; third set was allright over/left under.

Snatch-Grip Deadlift/Calf Raise

2x6x65kg/12x260lb -- I was going to do rack pulls today. Based on time and generally feeling spent (as demonstrated by my lacklustre SGDLs: 2x6 at what I ought to have been able to do for sets of 10 after rack pulls), I opted out of that.

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