Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Think About the Future Too Much

Competition's 2 weeks away, and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do afterwards. I'm not planning anything particularly interesting for my lower body, other than that I'm thinking of getting some wrist straps and doing touch-n-go deadlifts once a week with a controlled eccentric. I've got some interesting ideas for upper body, though, which, if I proceed with this, will result in a lot of volume prior to peaking. Basically, I'll be broing out big time.

Bear in mind, 2 weeks from now I may already be bored with this idea and follow a different plan. Nonetheless, here's roughly what I'm thinking of for my upper body training:

Upper 1 (heavy bench/light press)
Bench Press 3x10 (or perhaps 1-2x5, 1-2x10)
Close Grip Bench Press 2x10
Incline Bench Press 2x10
OHP 3x10
Assisted Pull Ups 5x10-15
Seated Rows 5 sets

Upper 2 (heavy press/light bench)
OHP 3x5
Push Press 2x5 superset with BB Row 2 sets
DB Press 2x8-12 superset with 1-arm DB Row 2 sets
Bench Press 3x10
Weighted Pull Ups 3x5
Seated Row 3x15

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  1. I start planning next set of routines almost as soon as I have finished getting used to the current.
    There is nothing wrong with you unless there is with me. This argument may be flawed.


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