Friday, June 14, 2013

Semester 1 Complete

I finished this semester of uni yesterday afternoon with a test on Shakespeare. While I won't know what results I've earned until later, I performed better on the test than I anticipated. I intend to use my time off to do more writing (not necessarily more blogging; I want to get my creative juices flowing for a fantasy story that I've been mulling over for the last 9 months, so maybe I'll give birth to something there), and of course to train, taking advantage of a lack of stress. There's some social stuff I'll be doing over the holidays as well, and a cross-campus uni Christian group camp in the last week before returning to study.

An interesting piece of advice I received in a writing workshop once upon a time is that sometimes it's the descriptions that you don't give that are most effective. Using that idea, here's a paragraph I wrote last night:

Pulling himself away, he continued to climb the stairs. Six more steps and he tripped, his path obstructed by pieces of his people. His shin opened up on the stair as he fell, but as he looked back to the bits of a fallen man he’d slipped on, he no longer felt his own wounds. His shoulder was nothing, his shin nothing, his bruises nothing. Quickly, Rez looked away, and didn’t even feel the vomit evacuating his system.

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  1. Effective style, makes you adjust the icture as you read it. I think this is good, would need to be mixed with other stuff obviously to keep flow but very good simple descriptive style.


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