Monday, December 1, 2014

Training -- Mon 1/12/2014



Upright Row/Band Rotator Cuff



  1. Just wondering how your training etc. is going. No updates on here for quite a while which suggests either things are not going well or you have decided to post elsewhere instead.

    1. Ah, Tony. Long time, no hear (100% on me for not bothering to keep up with your blog -- good job, Ryan).

      Yeah, I haven't been keeping an online training log at all this year. I have been considering getting back into blogging my training, but if I do start up again it won't be for a couple weeks, as I'm going away on holiday next week anyway.

      Training this year has definitely had its peaks and troughs. Early in the year I was training 6 days a week, which went well until uni picked up and training stress had to decrease. Then for a few months I barely lifted over 60kg.

      Once the semester slowed down, I decided to test my maxes to see how bad it was, and then got back into training rather than just exercise.

      At the time, my powerlifts had all gone down. Squat 130kg, bench 85kg, deadlift 170kg. However, my other lifts had more or less maintained or gone up, somewhat in spite of effort. Front squat 100kg (that was an all time PB), overhead press 55kg (all time best is 60kg), pull up +30kg.

      That was a couple months ago. Training has been going well since then. I've been learning to use knee wraps, which was hilarious the first time I squatted in them. I don't do them up nearly as tightly as Tim (the owner of the gym I work in) did that day, which makes them much easier to handle. I'm finding my looser wrapping technique is enough to allow me to lift more without messing up my kinesthetic awareness too much or distracting me with too much pain.

      As of the last week, here's where I'm up to:

      Squats: 3x8x125kg w/o wraps; 3x5x140kg w/ wraps.
      Front Squats: 3x4x80kg (I plan on making that 4x82.5kg this morning).
      Bench Press: 10x72.5kg; 3x3x90kg (I think that's a volume PB).
      OHP: 4x55kg (rep PB).
      Pull Ups: 4x24kg (rep PB).
      Deadlifts: 10x135kg.
      Rack Deadlift: 5x160kg; 2x170kg.

  2. Life has a wonderful habit of getting in the way of training. Going crazy at this end too. Running is going OK as that is a lunch time job but weights time is getting compressed all the time.
    How much study have you got left?

    1. Still got 3 semesters ahead of me, so I'll be graduating at the end of 2016. Or I'll fail something and be stuck at uni for a whole extra year.

      I'll be doing my first PL comp in 2 years this semester, about a week before my birthday in September. Then, shortly afterwards, I'll have teaching prac and will probably only have the energy for one workout a week, at least if last year is anything to go by.


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